Quienes Somos


We are not folk, or bullfighters, or go with hats or giving Mexican "Oles!" Down the street. We both love sushi and paella or empedrat. We do not believe that the only representation of Barcelona Gaudi, Picasso, and FC Barcelona, and we believe that a bag with an Indian by the name of Barcelona is the best way to represent our city (even when renamed and used for another city). "I Love NY" was, and represents, to New York (by Milton Glaser) and we put in place serves NY, BCN or MAD or whatever. We are most original and creative and have a city rich in history, culture and Collons!


We are a project that aims to enhance the dignity and way of expressing who we are and how we feel the Barcelonans from a urban clothing line, with concepts closer to the reality of the city and "microbarcelonas" that exist within of it. We do not expect sales to be leaders in the souvenir shops of our city. Our product line is designed for Barcelonans and people everywhere who want to take a piece of the real Barcelona.

All products are designed to JoSócBCN with artwork created specifically for our shirts. Both the logo and image JoSócBCN have been registered as a trademark in the Spanish Office of Patents and Trademarks and illustrations in the Register of Propietat Intel lectual. Therefore, the use without authorization of the owners will be prosecuted by the law that protects copyrights.

If you have questions or inquiries about our products, or simply if you want to contact, please do so via our contact form or by sending a letter to:


C. Floridablanca 144 1º 1ª - 08011 Barcelona